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About Us

FareHawker was founded in 2013 in New Delhi, India. A young start-up that thinks differently, FareHawker is an aviation portal that has changed the way passenger flies. A game changing strategy and making dreams take flight is a unique experience which is vouched for on FareHawker. So what exactly is FareHawker? An aviation portal that offers a variety to the way you fly. Truly an experience like never before. We have changed the perception of flying in commercial flights to hiring your own private jets and helicopters to suit your plans. All your travel search in one Go, take a look at all our services. Being associated with most of the renowned airline and other aviation services we have gauged an impeccable online marketplace for people to discover and to book the ultimate flight experience.


Our goal is to create long-term value by enhancing our position as a leading comprehensive aviation service provider in India. Specialists have spent almost three decades in the travel industry, and our knowledge of the most inspiring places is unrivalled. We pride ourselves on being passionate, experienced, and opinionated when it comes to aviation. FareHawker believes Sky is our home, and no one has known our home better than us. Don’t be a fast traveller; Be a smart one!


FareHawker harnesses powerful yet simple to use technology that automates the process of searching and comparing results from hundreds of airline and online travel websites. FareHawker presents an unbiased comparison of all travel products and prices offered in the marketplace and enable shoppers to quickly find the best deal to book whether from an airline or other travel website. Being an aviation portal here are some of the features of our online kitty.

Commercial Flight

We deliver the most extensive and thorough travel search, offering commercial flights at the cheapest rate. With tie- ups with the leading airlines we offer exclusive deals that are unmatchable. If you’re looking to get amazing business class offers for one or family we got your back.

Private Charter

Why do things the same way when you can do it differently? Have you ever thought of booking a unique flying experience for your loved ones? We make that dream come true. FareHawker provides a variety of flying Jets that can suit and be personalized to your taste. Our flying Jets include – TurboPop – Light Jet – Midsize Jet – Large Business Jet - Airliner – Helicopter, etc.A variety that can be suited for everyone and a deal that would match all needs. So the next time you plan a travel for your business, leisure or a family day do it differently and book a private jet.

Group Bookings

More people means more fun! We want to you to enjoy with your whole family, no matter how big or small it is, no matter if it is your family at work or your family at home. Our Group desk is the best known service in the market. We have the best deals and services for groups that make your group booking smooth and easy and your travel more of fun and entertainment and less of hassles.


Special treats don't come more exciting than this – Just imagine how thrilling it is to hire a helicopter. Maximize your time by using the advantages of helicopter hire. Here is a list of the services we offer:

VIP Charter Election Flying Heli-Skiing
Pilgrimage Charter Aerial Survey Corporate Charter
Film shooting Sports Charter Weddings
Flower drop Joy rides Honeymoon getaways to romantic destinations


We have team of passionate young travel jockey who love what they do and make sure you have an unforgettable journey from a wide area of services that we offer. Our customer support is ready to assist you 24*7 to suit your needs. We are happy to work with travel agencies and travel companies who want to offer their clients the kind of extraordinary journeys that we specialize in. Our job is to find the best flights at the best price. Our in-depth knowledge of airline partners, routings and our special negotiated rate contracts allow us to offer our customers great travel solutions. As a aviation portal handling larger group is our forte. with successful group bookings in the past our travel jockey being expert in the industry just know exactly what needs to make a larger group booking successful. From your corporate bookings to your family trips our private charters are ready to accompany you on all your travels. Not only this we also provide cheapest flight booking prices which are absolutely easy on your pocket because we value your hard-earned money.

Why FareHawker?

We won’t tell you that FareHawker is your best travel partner. We’d love to hear it from you once you avail our services.Here are some of the reasons why you’d choose FareHawker as your ultimate travel buddy:-

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