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Now is the time to salute the heroes of today and express gratitude for their various acts of valor and courage! Many airline offers Indian Armed Forces Discount ticket.

Active Military Personnel of Indian Armed Forces and their family members travelling at their own expense. For the purpose of concession, the family includes Spouse, dependent children between 2 and 26 years of age and dependent Parents can avail special defence fare on discounted rate. Married children are not considered as part of the family.

To honor the true heroes of our nation, we are delighted to offer special discount for both active and retired armed forces personnel, including their family members. In addition, this concessional fare will also be extended to the active Jammu and Kashmir police personnel as an ode to their exemplary services. Some airlines like Go Air offers additional benefits like 5 kg check-in baggage on their travel. GoAir offers discount on base fare to all serving and retired Defense and Paramilitary Personnel. To avail of all these benefits get in touch with our group desk specialist for the cheapest fare.

Airline like Vistara, Indigo also offer special discount on the economy base fare both active and retired armed forces personnel. FareHawker will make these booking procedure for you so that your journey is hassle-free. At the time of Check-in Defense personnel needs to carry a valid photo ID and relevant military ID card, and present the same for verification at the check-in counter. Their dependents need to carry Defence personnel dependent ID proof. Passengers failing to present their Defense id card will be denied boarding.

All you need to do is:

1. Fill in the above form for defence travel groups.

2. Feel free to contact us directly if you wish you book the same on the phone or speak to our representative on +91 9311663434 or +91 8010663434.

Our Defence group travel services:

  • Individual advice from your personal specialist domestic travel consultant.
  • Best quote on domestic airline.
  • The offer of Discount on base fare and other benefits are applicable to all serving and retired Indian armed personnel and Paramilitary personnel, their spouses and dependent children
  • Free baggage allowance as per fare category booked + 5 kg additional check-in baggage is applicable for active and retired Armed Forces and active J&K Police personnel, as well as for up to three family members traveling with him/her on the same PNR.
  • The discount is applicable for both active and retired armed forces personnel.
  • The discount is also applicable for active Jammu and Kashmir police personnel.
  • The special discounted fare is also available for three members of their family travelling with them on the same PNR i.e. dependent parents, spouse and children from 2 to 26 years of age.
  • This offer is applicable for direct flights and for travel in India only.
  • 24-hour FareHawker Helpline manned by our own staff

It’s our pleasure to celebrate those who serve the nation with a host of exciting benefits. FareHawker takes the privilege to make sure your group travel a happy and memorable journey.

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