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Helicopter For Aerial Survey

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Helicopter for Aerial Survey

Aerial surveys by helicopters provide a safe, comfortbale way to view potential land purchases. Aerial photography provides perspective during review and consideration. Remote estates and large construction projects often require a unique aerial perspective for buyers and sellers. Ongoing and future construction projects can be reviewed with ease. Sometimes helicopters are the only way to review rural and remote property-especially in India. We have flown hundreds of land surveys in the country and can help you see the country in a way you never have before. Reviewing real estate, construction, surveying a land, shooting stunning video, film footage the best way is to get an aerial view of the entire place is by hiring a helicopter so that you can see the view and idea that you deserve.

Terms & Conditions
  1. Choice of airports, dates and departure times
  2. Dedicated check-in and departure areas for your group
  3. Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility
  4. Use of air-bridges (where installed)
  5. Direct, non-stop charter flight
  6. Special arrangements to carry medical equipment in the cabin
  7. Airport representation by prior arrangement
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